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Volta is a graphic design agency offering a wide range of services in corporate and product communication, corporate identity development, webdesign and webdevelopment.

Your corporate identity online. is an application which allows you to publish your corporate identity manual online. This allows employees, partners and suppliers to access all information and documents concerning your corporate identity from one central location. You can publish instructions, guides and examples, as well as all production files, templates and source documents, such as PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop and Office files. A multiple-level permission control system allows administrators to finely control which users have access to which pages and documents, and which files are available for download to them.

With your corporate identity can be managed and maintained from one central location. This enables you to more easily keep your brand guide up-to-date while at the same time lowering your costs. It can significantly speed up production work flows by providing immediate access to required guides and documents, as well as eliminate problems with document versioning. As new templates and applications are developed, they can easily and quickly be added to your brand guide making the maintenance of your corporate identity a much more dynamic process compared to the traditional printed guide. provides users inside and outside your organization continuous access to all information they need from virtually any place. Also, by downloading required files from the application they are always assured to have the latest official version of the document or template. also contains a module which allows you to create business cards for your staff. You can edit all personal information, select a template and automatically generate press-ready pdf files.


Corporate identity: development and implementation. can be used with your existing corporate identity. Volta can also assist you in managing your corporate identity and has a wide experience in development of corporate identities for a wide range of customers. See our references for graphic design and corporate identity development.